BioResonance Test and Remedies (Follow up or Repeat)


If you are updating your presscription or repeating, the 80 euros price will apply.  Postage is 8 euros.


The basic Bio-Resonance Test arrives at a Detox Prescription specific for you, at this moment.
Very few clinics have the technology or experienced testing skills necessary to find your exact prescription like this. Access to the homoeopathic vaccines is a closely guarded secret.
Ronnie Turner, who does all the testing personally, has developed his skills over 40 years of practice. These drops are homoeopathically prepared specific antidotes to the main infections, poisons and viruses affecting your health. Amazing results are recorded over a wide range of ailments. No side effects!   There are no foreign proteins in a homoeopathic vaccine, so unfavourable reactions are avoided.
Normal cost of this is €100 euros, plus €7 euros postage.
In total €107 euros and includes the 23% vat.
If you are having long term treatment, a lesser price is possible.

Simply send your digital photo by return, preferably using whatsapp, on 0879439900
Or send by email to
Let me know your age,date of birth, email, mobile number,address and postcode please.
No specially posed pic is required, just whatever you have on your phone or computer,
or do a quick selfie now, wherever you are, and send.
Chiropractor and Homoeopath Ronnie Turner has 40 years of experience doing BioResonance,
and has trained on the very latest of equipment in Germany and the USA.
BioResonance is a form of electronic kinesiology, requiring specially developed intuitive powers,
amplified by the German produced BioResonance machine.
This is a bio-energy technique, based on the fact that each human being is an energy field.
The BioResonance Machine is used as a “tuning” device, but essentially this is a specially
developed personal skill.
There’s a system of well proven flow charts,and test ampoules, which help to identify
exactly which homoeopathic remedies will help your imbalances.
Technically, any “witness” from the subject, such as a blood spot,hair sample, nail cutting,
can be used to tune in.
Experienced practitioner Ronnie Turner finds the person’s picture the best “link”.

You’ll get a full written analysis and a homoeopathic prescription exactly tailored for you,
at a cost of 100 euros, plus postage.
This is not a lab test on your hair nor any kind of medical diagnosis.
Tests are prepaid. Either on line at
Click on Bio Dna test, or BioResonance Test.
Or ring Turner Clinic at 01 2893147 before 1 pm. with a credit card for payment.
When you are on our circuit, our step by step protocols and flowchart produce a comprehensive
analysis of your imbalances and also unerringly pinpoint find the natural remedies that will heal you.
Your practitioner, Ronnie Turner, a chiropractor and homoeopath,has been s very successful natural healer
for over 40 years at the Turner Clinic of Advanced Alternative Medicine, in Dublin, Ireland.
Best results are in chronic fatigue, post viral syndrome, digestive complaints, stress conditions,
rheumatism and arthritis, female complaints, chronic sore throats, skin conditions and many other complaints.


1.Your general level of Vitality. (On a scale of 0 to 25)
2. Mental and emotional factors. (The percentage level of blockage from accummulated stress.)
3.Nutritional Deficiencies. (How depleted, on a scale of 1 to 10) DO YOU NEED SUPPLEMENTS?
4.”Allergies” or more accurately Sensitivities. (How big a factor for you are sensitivities? )
5. Specific antidoting of Poisons and toxins. (Our test sets are hugely comprehensive, to identify your toxins)
6. Infection levels…The initial Vitality Levels clearly show how poisoned you system is…
7. Lowest System (energywise)
8. Worst damaged organ (energywise)
9. Main focus of disturbance.
10. Your specific individual prescription.Then we test to find the exact prescription of homoeopathic remedies that will suit you.

We will find which homoeopathic nosodes (vaccines, prepared homoeopathically) will knock out your chronic infections
We will find which remedies will support your organs and immune system
We will test to see how big a factor is SENSITIVITIES in your case. (We don’t deal with anaphylactic type cases)
We will test to see to what extent your health imbalances are caused by mental and emotional stresses
an choose appropriate homoeopathic  remedies.
No drugs are involved in this treatment. All courses of treatment are purely natural.
The treatment releases the body’s own healing powers by eliminating the poisons which block your immune system.

To order the test:

Send us a digital photo of yourself, preferably in .jpg form,
from your computer or mobile, on Whatsapp
Supply your name, address, date of birth,email, details of operations.
the analysis is done using your picture as an energy link.

Ronnie Turner (Chiropractor and Dr of Wholistic Health Sciences )
Clinic founded 1976