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Packs are proven combinations of Pekana remedies used successfully for many years in the Turner Clinic in Dublin
and thousands of other Clinics throughout the World.

You’ll find brilliant natural remedies for many conditions
in these unique Spagyric homeopathic products.

PEKANA Homeopathic Spagyric Remedies for UK & Ireland!

We assume of course you’re sensible enough to consult your own medical doctor first about any medical problems you have.
These remedies are meant to be used WITH the best medical care, not instead of it! To see our recommendations for various conditions, see our PACKS or put your search-words into the SEARCH BOX on top of the page.

This website is an extension of Turner Clinic of Alternative Medicine, founded by Ronnie Turner, Chiropractor and Homoeopath and Doctor of Wholistic Health Sciences, in 1976.
What we are offering here is the fruit of our experience, treating many thousands of patients with German manufactured homoeopathic remedies…very successfully…over the past 40 years.

Any statements quoted here are exclusively based on findings and experiences which have been gained by experienced practitioners and doctors, over the past two hundred years

Pekana Remedies