Personal Tonics Test


Tested homoeopathic and herbal  tonic prescription, covering organs, systems, stress. From your digital pic.


Our main product is the BioResonance Detox Test and remedies.
An optional extra you can add to that is a Tonics Package.
It very specifically finds out the best supporting remedies for whatever are your
worst stressed organs and systems.
Plus usually a supporting stress remedy.

It’s done with Bioresonance and with your digital picture across the circuit.

The most effective treatment is the toxin-antidoting treatment,
with homoeopathic vaccines called the BC’s (Blood Cleansers).
That’s the ordinary BioResonance test and remedies.
The Tonics program is an extra, optional treatment, which could well speed up your full recovery.

We test over the Pekana products for you, to find:

  •  Tonics for your immune system, to bring up your energy and protect you against infections.
  • specific organ support as needed for your liver, bowel etc, according to your test
  • high powered drainage or detox remedies, chosen for you, to speed up your detox.

This Tonics package costs €100.00.  This Includes 10 euro postage and Vat @23%
You get imported remedies from the famous German firm, Pekana.
The 50 ml bottles cost 20 euros each. Normally, you ‘ll need 3 or 4 .

An  Post in Ireland  charges at least 10 euros for each parcel of bottles.
If you’re in the UK, all orders have to go by courier, at a cost of 56 euros per parcel.
For UK Detox Prescription, plus Tonics Prescription, plus freight, c.€190.00