Bio DNA Test


This is an alternative analysis of your general wellness and a homoeopathic prescription for your general health.


This is an alternative analysis of your general wellness and a homoeopathic prescription for your general health.  It’s not a medical test. Don’t come to us unless you have already consulted doctors about your condition.
But if you have problems the doctors haven’t solved, perhaps this natural approach will help.

We look at your health in a completely different way. In fact this method was developed in Germany, by medical doctors, notably Dr Reinhold Voll, a professor of anatomy. But it has roots in homoeopathy , radionics and radiesthesia.


We first of all give you a general score for your health at this particular moment, your  Vitality level.

This quickly reveals how healthy you really are !

The lower you are on the Vitality Scale (0 to 25 ) the more toxic your system is.

So as your treatment proceeds, we can see how you’re responding, or not.

We all have a level of infections, poisons, viruses and general toxins in our bodies. There comes a stage when this toxicity overcomes your body’s immune system. Then you become ill.

In homoeopathy, we use homoeopathic vaccines to knock out the various levels of infection and toxicity.

We are not testing your hair, we are testing your energy field, contained in your dna sample.

Mainly, we are tuning into your energy field and testing to see which homoeopathic vaccines will balance and clear your system.

It’s as simple as that. We’re not interested so much in the medical label hanging on you. We find out what are the real causes of your imbalances.

What you get …

We send you a number of bottles of homoeopathic remedies, exactly tested for you, plus a written report. Most treatments last a month.

Apart from the Toxicity, these are the main headings we address:

1. We identify the general extent of  of Nutritional Deficit , on a scale from 1 to 10.
2. The extent of the Allergy Factor, on a scale from 1 to 10.
3.The Level of Blockage on the Mental and Emotional Level.

Then we know what to concentrate on. This is just a general assessment of these areas. Detailed tests for Nutrition and Allergies come later. We can also offer natural de-stressing treatments.


People typically need a series of treatment, depending on how poisoned their systems are.

Without proper nutrition, you cannot recover fully.

If you’re eating rhe wrong foods, they’re a poison to your body.

If you’ve never processed the traumas of your life , your vital power is continually sapped and you are not realising your full potential as a human being.