BioResonance Test and Remedies (follow up )

Homoeopath Ronnie Turner has 40 years of experience doing BioResonance,
and all prescriptions are personally done for you, by him.
Here’s how to get this service: 
Send your digital photo by return, preferably using whatsapp, to 00353879439900
Or  send by email to
Let me know your age, date of birth, email, mobile number and full address please.
Let us know if any organs have been removed. 
No specially posed pic is required, just whatever you have on your phone or computer, 
or do a quick selfie now, wherever you are, and send. 
All tests must be prepaid. 
First go to  
Ronnie is a leading expert in homoeopathy and energy healing, and he has studied all the 
leading technologies in the field for many years.
This approach joins together traditional homoeopathy and modern research into healing
the human energy field by vibrations.
The best practitioners in this field develop their diagnostic skills by years of experience and practice.
Your practitioner, Ronnie Turner, has over 40 years of full time practice in the field.
BioResonance is a form of electronic kinesiology, requiring specially developed intuitive powers,
amplified by the German produced BioResonance machine.
We use your digital picture as an energy link to you, to tune into your energy field.
When we are working with your picture, we are not diagnosing you by some examination 
of your picture. 
We are using the picture as an energy link, or ” witness” to tune into your energy field, through the BioResonance machine. 
Here what you get:
You’ll get a personal assessment of your state of wellness at this moment in time.
The Vitality reading reveals how healthy you are really.
Your Personalised Homoeopathic Prescription, usually in the form of a bottle of 
homoeopathic drops, is exactly tailored for your requirements at this time.
Mainly it consists of homoeopathically prepared vaccines, to knock out your top level of 
infection at this time. 
Because of Brexit, we usually supply the treatment to  UK patients,  in the form of a treatment  patch, or disc.
This is like a memory stick, which you tape to your body. It radiates the treatment to you 24 hours a day for 
about a month.  See details below.
For UK customers, if you opt for bottles of homoeopathic drops, each order incurs an additional 56 euros courier fee.
The treatment patch works fine.
We do a complete analysis of your imbalances and find the natural remedies that will help to heal you.
This treatment has proven itself very successful for nearly 40  years at the Turner Clinic of Advanced Alternative Medicine,
 in Dublin, Ireland. See our testimonials, all of which are genuine, on
Best results are in chronic fatigue, post viral syndrome, digestive complaints,
 stress conditions, rheumatism and arthritis, female complaints, chronic sore throats, skin conditions and many other complaints.
1.Your general level of Vitality. (On a scale of 0 to 25)
2.Mental and emotional factors. (The percentage level of blockage from accummulated stress.)
3.Nutritional Deficiencies. (How depleted, on a scale of 1 to 10)
4.”Allergies” or more accurately Sensitivities. (How big a factor for you are sensitivities? )
5. Specific antidoting of poisons and toxins. (Our test sets are hugely comprehensive, to identify your toxins)
6.Infection levels
7.Lowest System
8.Worst damaged organ
9.Main focus of disturbance.
10.Your specific individual prescription.Then we test to find the exact prescription of homoeopathic remedies that will suit you.
1.The homoeopathic nosodes (vaccines, prepared homoeopathically)needed to knock out your chronic infections
which remedies will support your organs and immune system
2.How big a factor is allergies, in your case.
3. To what extent your health imbalances are caused by mental and emotional stresses,and
4. Which emotional remedies will suit you.
No drugs are involved in this treatment. All courses of treatment are purely natural.No side effects.
The treatment releases the body’s own healing powers by eliminating the poisons which block your immune system.
Send us a digital photo of yourself, preferably in .jpg form,
from your computer or mobile, on Whatsapp, to 00353879439900
Supply your name, address, date of birth,email, details of operations.
If asked to supply hair sample, send  to Turner Clinic of Advanced Alternative Medicine, 
13 Cunningham Park, Cornelscourt, Foxrock, D18 VY26, Ireland.
Remember this is not a medical or lab test. It’s a radionic test.
Another word for it is radiesthesia.
Only use this approach after you have spoken to your own doctor about your health problem. 
Do not stop any medically prescribed treatment or drugs.
 Ronnie Turner (Chiropractor and Dr of Wholistic Health Sciences )
Clinic founded 1976

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