Tonic Package



Our main product is the BioResonance Detox Test and remedies.
An optional extra you can add to that is a Tonics Package.

We test over the Pekana products for you, to find:

  •  Tonics for your immune system, to bring up your energy and protect you against infections.
  • specific organ support as needed for your liver, bowel etc, according to your test
  • high powered drainage or detox remedies, chosen for you, to speed up your detox.

This Tonics package costs €90.00.  This Includes 10 euro postage and Vat @23%
You get imported remedies from the famous German firm, Pekana.
The 50 ml bottles cost 20 euros each. Normally, you ‘ll need 3 or 4 .

An  Post in Ireland  charges at least 10 euros for each parcel of bottles.
If you’re in the UK, all orders have to go by courier, at a cost of 56 euros per parcel.
Detox Prescription, plus Tonics Prescription, together cost 190.00