Treatment patch disc.

Treatment Disc.  Stick on your Skin. Reverse the Vibes of the Vaccine, but keep the Biological Resistance.

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Treatment patch disc.A sample of the injection site plaster.

A metal disc, worn on the body as a Treatment Patch,
and programmed with the homoeopathic frequencies
designed to help your body avoid any ill effects from a vaccine.

Made from the cotton wool plaster put on your Covid vaccination spot, on your arm.
The Bicom Optima BioResonance device picks up on the vibrational frequencies of the sample…
The spot of cotton wool will have exudate from the needle site. So there’ll be the frequencies
of the Covid Vaccine you’ve received. Plus your blood spot, and body fluids (some minor perspiration.)
All ideal for making a homoeopathic “mirror” image in terms of frequencies.
The Bicom filters separate  the Bad Frequencies from the Healthy Frequencies.
It inverts the bad frequencies (It’s called the All Invert (Ai) frequency.)
That frequency  is amplified thousands of times.
So what you get is the “antidote ” to the vaccination. We knock out the harmful frequencies.

Remember you don’t lose the Biological Effect of your vaccine.
So you are still protected.

But you’ll be protected against bad side effects.

2. If you cannot supply the cotton bud from the injection site, we’ll do the
Post Vaccination Treatment Patch for you, made from the Coronavirus nosode.

This is a homoeopathically prepared vaccine ampoule , made by the top BioEnergy firm Regumed, in Germany.

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This treatment is not a medically recognised treatment and is obviously not for people who
neither know about homoeopathy, or believe in it. We know it it works.But that’s just us! Because we’ve been doing it for 40 years with huge success across a whole range of conditions and complaints.

Ronnie Turner (Dr of Wholistic Health Sciences).