PEKANA® APULO (apo-pulm)


For treatment of severe bronchial inflammation and mucus


apo-PULM expectorant syrup (pronounced ahpo-POOLM)

For treatment of severe bronchial inflammation and mucus

Name: PULM(onal)= the lungs


apo-PULM expectorant syrup is highly effective for treating bronchial infections that involve severe bronchial inflammation and dry cough. The primary herb in this preparation, Pulmonaria officinalis (known as Lung herb in German), loosens and eliminates the thick, infectious mucus, enabling the healing energy of the other plant constituents to address the accompanying symptoms.

The combination of apo-PULM expectorant syrup with other suggested PEKANA medications can help insure that difficult respiratory tract infections are healed quickly.


Bryonia alba 4X chronic bronchitis
Allium cepa 4X dry, hacking cough, inflammation of breathing passageways
Hedera helix 3X bronchitis, rhinitis
Hyoscyamus niger 4X hacking cough during the night
Phosphorus 4X dry cough, pneumonia
Senega 2X loosens thick, dry mucus
Antimonium tartaricum 4X circulatory insufficiency
Pulmonaria officinalis 1X respiratory infections, coughs

Bryonia alba 4X is indicated for chronic infection of the bronchials accompanied by a dry cough and chest pains.

Allium cepa 4X alleviates painful, dry, hacking coughs and inflammation of the breathing passageways by stimulating secretion. In addition, it is also useful in treating watery, runny rhinitis, acute paranasal catarrh, laryngitis and ear infections.

Hedera helix 3X promotes bronchial healing and stimulates the body’s secretion abilities. It also has proven highly effective in treating emphysema, asthma, whooping cough, inflammation of the trachea and laryngitis. Moreover, this versatile herb stimulates the intestinal organs, and stops infections by improving the body’s metabolism.

Hyoscyamus niger 4X specifically directs its properties against dry, tickling, irritating reflex cough often accompanied by excretion of mucus in the evenings and during the night. This medication also soothes dry mucous membranes in the chest and works to restore the regulative abilities of the respiratory tract.

Phosphorus 4X is highly effective for treating acute and chronic infections of the respiratory tract, including pneumonia. It helps eliminate asthmatic tendencies, hoarseness, dry coughs and inflammation of the respiratory mucous membranes (nasal, throat, bronchials and lungs).

Senega 2X is an herb that primarily stimulates the mucous membranes of the breathing passageways. It helps treat dry bronchitis and loosen chronic thick, dry mucus that is extremely difficult to expectorate. Burning, stabbing pain in the chest that accompany this condition is also addressed.

Antimonium tartaricum 4X restores normal functioning to infected areas of the intestinal tract. It also is used to rejuvenate and support the respiratory and circulatory systems, whose weakness play a key role in the development of bronchial conditions.

Pulmonaria officinalis 1X is a well known herb that traditionally has been prescribed for treating coughs. It stimulates secretion by the mucous membranes and has proven itself to be a highly effective antibacterial in treating respiratory infections that include coughing with severe inflammation. It also plays a key role in reducing local bronchial irritation that frequently accompanies these infections.


Adults: 1 teaspoon 5-7 times per day away from meals
School Children: 1 teaspoon 3–5 times per day away from meals


apo-INFEKT drops bacterial and viral infections
apo-STOM drops stomach and intestinal function
HECOCUR (apo-HEPAT) drops liver function
TOXEX drops general excretion, heavy metals