DEAS (Deasth )



Our formula contains an extract of grindelia herb, toothpick herb and Santa herb as well as 5 other active ingredients that support exactly the processes in the body that are related to the ailment.

DEAS is a natural solution without chemicals

Cobaltum nitricum D4 15.5 g
Dactylopius coccus spag. Peka (Coccus cacti) D2 12.5 g
Eriodictyon californicum (Yerba santa) D3 15.5 g
Grindelia robusta spag. Peka D6 9.5 g
Ammi visnaga spag. Peka D6 6.5 g
Aralia racemosa D8 13.0 g
Phosphorus D6 12.5 g
Lactuca virosa D12 15.0 g