Not well after Covid, or after Covid Vaccination: Here’s my personal recommendation.

Ronnie Turner (Dr of Wholistic Health Sciences)

This is a six weeks course of treatment , consisting of two 100 ml bottles, enough to treat several family members.

They contain the most useful remedies to help your immune system fight against the vibrations of the covid vaccines.

We are simply calling them Postvax1 and Postvax2.

Take 10 drops of each morning and night until finished. Or simply take

a swig from the bottles, morning and night (unless you are sharing the bottles ).


A combination of the following Pekana Remedies:

  • Apo Infekt (anti-viral, anti-bacterial)
  • Apo-Tuss (cough,hard mucus)
  • Ricura (ENT infection)and
  • Fepyr (inflammation, lymphatic).

These are the main remedies that address the major symptoms of any  viral entity.

Regardless of vaccinations, this bottle can also be used in your home, regardless of the current epidemic,

for all Ear, Nose, Throat and Chest problems, to help with the symptoms and raise your resistance.

Postvax 2

Supports your lungs and heart,kidneys and liver.

  • Bropert
  • Apulo
  • apo-Tuss
  • Cardinorma (To support the heart )
  • Apo-Hepat (  To support the liver ) and
  • Renelix ( To support the kidneys )