Panacea Colloidal Silver


This is a 50 ml bottle of 50/50 ionic silver and colloidal silver.

It delivers the best results of the two kinds of silver.

Best indicated in sinus problems and sore throats.Use the pipette to deliver two squirts into the mouth, where it’s absorbed nicely in the mucous membranes.  It treats all foci of infection such as Ear, Nose, Sinus, Teeth and Gums.
Don’t fuss about the dosage…how many drops exactly etc. It’s not critical.  Just two squirts of the pipette into the mouth, morning and night.
For children, one squirt morning and night.
For sinus problems, it can  be used to deliver the “3 squirt treatment”.
The bottle has a pipette in it. Half fill the pipette and first of all squirt it into the back of the throat.
Then squirt half a pipette up one nostril. Hold the other nostril closed and sniff it up.
Repeat on the other side.
Do not contaminate the pipette with your saliva or any other substance..

Clean and rinse the pipette before returning into the bottle. Maintain strict hygiene around the colloidal silver bottle or it may lose it’s effectiveness.

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