Dispenser Test Set of Nosodes


Announcing…The Blood Cleansers, in 25 stock bottles!   

Test over the bottles. Stand up the positives. Put 6 drops of each stock bottle into a 30 ml. bottle. Shake up the bottle vigorously and hit it on your hand to mix the potencies. The mixture is what the patient takes.

This is a well-proven, comprehensive system of homoeopathic treatment, consisting of 25 dynamite nosode complexes and blood cleansers. It encompasses both traditional German nosodes and polymorphic nosodes in well proven harmonic mixtures. 

It’ll cover “everything” in my experience. No need to be chasing after antidotes for obscure parasites , protozoa etc etc.  Just detox the patient with these and you’ll see amazing results. 

The Blood Cleansers homoeopathic system is based on the discoveries of::

    * Dr Reinhold Voll and his school of complex homoeopathy, and the

    * Darkfield Microscope pioneer, Dr Enderlein and his followers.

Pleomorphic remedies

Dr Enderlein’s work led to the development of the pleomorphic remedies. 

Study of live blood cultures for 50 years, with increasingly powerful microscopes, led to the production of  these vaccine type preparations. 

Easily the most powerful homoeopathic remedies ever developed!

These blood cleansers or homoeopathic vaccines  are in the BC complexes.

Tissue Cleansing Nosodes (Vaccines)

These are essentially homoeopathically prepared vaccines for “everything”. 

Dr Voll and his followers , all medical doctors, identified the exact toxins implicated in various illnesses.

He listed the most common infections, poisons, viruses, parasites and toxins associated with the various organs and systgems and made up nosodes to knock them out. 

His instructions have been followed in devising these complexes.

Practice with 25 complexes only.

Your basic stock of medicines will number only 25! With these 25, you are 100 percent guaranteed to hit the patient’s Key Toxins. Your patient could do with some drainage remedies and organ support also. See http://www.pekana.co.uk for details of the best spagyrik remedies for this purpose.

How to choose the Detox Remedies

This system is mainly aimed at practitioners who have a way of testing the medicines: systems such as Bio-Resonance, Bicom, Kinesiology, Dowsing, Pendulums, Divining rods etc. 

This system works best when you can accurately choose the exact nosodes the person needs at the time. Then, your guided missile type prescription will cause your patient’s immune system to react vigorously against the infections, poisons, parasites and viruses in their system.

The BC test-set:

The test is done using a full collection of  the homoeopathic vaccines, to find out  which bacterial  viral, environmental, fungal, parasitic etc toxins and “foreign bodies”  are in the person’s  system.  

The patient takes the drops  morning and night, religiously, making sure there’s no other strong taste in the mouth . The  immune system will recognise these antigens and the body will automatically eliminate the infections, poisons and toxins from the system, through the excretory organs, especially skin, kidneys, sinuses, breath, liver and bowel .

If you don’t use a test device or method, you can decide on the the patient’s history which cleansers to give. You can also base your prescription on our recommendations based on 30 years experience.

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