BioResonance Health Analysis and Prescribing

The basic Bio-ResonanceTest arrives at a Detox Prescription specific for you, at this moment in time.
So we find out what infections and toxins are in your body and which remedies will antidote them.
These drops are homoeopathically prepared specific antidotes to the main infections, poisons and viruses affecting your health.
Amazing results are recorded over a wide range of ailments. No side effects!
How is it done?
BioResonance testing is a highly specialised, personal skill which takes many years of practice to develop. You will find it difficult to find any other clinic providing alternative medicine services at this advanced level.
It’s supported  by the very latest German ultrafine energy devices and advanced electronics. Access to the homoeopathic vaccines is a closely guarded secret.
Normal cost of test, report and remedies together is €100 euros, plus €7 euros postage.In total €107 euros and that  includes the 23% vat.
The Special Tonics Package:
An optional extra you can add to your order is a Tonics Package, featuring extra remedies specifically tested out for you:
  •  Tonics for your immune system
  •  specific organ support as needed for your liver, bowel etc,
  • Your specific stress prescription…remedies tailored to address the trauma load.
  • high powered drainage or detox remedies, chosen for you, to speed up your deto
    This Tonics package costs €90.00.  This Includes 10 euro postage and Vat @23%.   It will speed up your recovery and prevent any healing reactions.

You get imported remedies from the famous German firm, Pekana.
The 50 ml bottles cost 20 euros each.
Normally, you ‘ll need 3 or 4 .
Various factors make this package slightly pricey, but we believe it’s worth it.
The remedies have to be imported from Germany, with only big orders accepted. Vat is at 23%. Postage of a filled 50 ml bottle is expensive.
An  Post charges at least 10 euros for each parcel of bottles.  Detox Prescription, plus Tonics Prescription, together cost 190.00
“I have spent nearly 40 years perfecting this unique service,
and at this stage I can help 90 percent at least of my patients with their health issues. In fact, if you’re not satisfied that I am addressing your problems properly,I don’t charge you for my time and effort.”
Ordering the Service: 
You need to send your digital picture to us, either by Whatsapp, to mobile number  0879439900, or by email to, to get your reading done. You get a full written report, and a prescription for one month.
You’ll get a report and a homoeopathic prescription exactly tailored for you, at a cost of 100 euros, before postage.

This is not a lab test or a medically recognised test of any kind.
You need to check out your ailments with your medical doctor first, and if you want to use alternative medicine in conjunction with that, perhaps we can help, using the revolutionary new Bicom BioResonance machine.
This treatment has proven itself very successful for 40 years at the Turner Clinic of Advanced Alternative Medicine, in Dublin, Ireland.

Best results are in chronic fatigue, post viral syndrome,
digestive complaints, stress conditions,
rheumatism and arthritis, female complaints,
chronic sore throats,
skin conditions and many other complaints.
You will be checked for :
a. Your general level of Vitality
b. Mental and emotional factors
c. Nutritional Deficiencies
d. Allergies
e. Poisons and toxins
f. Infection levels
g. Lowest System
h. Worst damaged organ
i. Main focus of disturbance.
What we need to find for you:

  •  homoeopathic nosodes to  knock out your chronic infections.
  • remedies to support your weakest organs, as identified by the BioResonance test
  •  strengthening remedies for the immune system.

Other Questions We Answer

  1. how big a factor is allergies in your case?
  2. To what extent are your health imbalances caused by mental and emotional stresses.
  3. and  which remedies suit you?
No drugs are involved in this treatment. All courses of treatment are purely natural.The treatment releases the body’s own healing powers by eliminating the poisons which block your immune system.
To order the test:
Send us a digital photo of yourself, preferably in .jpg form,
from your computer or mobile, on Whatsapp to 00353879439900
Don’t forget to give us your name, address, date of birth, email, details of operations.
Address of Clinic: Turner Clinic of Advanced Alternative Medicine, 13 Cunningham Park, Cornelscourt, Foxrock, D18 VY26, Ireland.
Remember this is not a medical or lab test. It;s a radionic test. Another word for it is radiesthesia. Only use this approach after you have spoken to your own doctor about your health problem. Do not stop any medically prescribed treatment or drugs.


Dr. Ronald J.Turner Chiropractor/Homoeopath